Company Overview

Skytech Shares specializes in firefighting and lifesaving solutions. Our solutions consist of tools for lifesaving and protective gears which ensure the safety of lifesaving personnel.

Other than products, Skytech Shares also provides service in equipping every individual with advance skills and knowledge in firefighting and lifesaving. To Brand Owners and Manufacturers we also provide services like CCC and Commercialized Marketing Solutions in meeting their needs.

Who We Are?

Great Products and Services will rely heavily on Great People.
Our Culture – We strongly believe that People is important to our organization.
We gather Elites from all over the world. Check them out. All our offices had their own unique working ethics, culture, and environment.
Our Higher Management, Our Leaders, they consists of extremely fun personalities and great leadership.

What we do?

  • We constantly source and develop the best solutions to equip our customers with firefighting or lifesaving equipment and knowledge.
  • We prepare platforms for them to train and share their experience.
  • We work closely with our partners and suppliers in order to constant obtain the best solutions.
  • We research the need for potential customer to improve their equipment.
  • We constantly seek optimization in preparation work and ready mode of everyone in lifesaving.

What We Believe?

  • We are growing rapidly over the years and we strongly believe that recruiting the right people is important and keep them happy is even more important.
  • We encourage complete preparation and always ready mode to our customer as we believe that in case of situation if one is well prepare enough, situation would be able to be handled easily.
  • We value honesty heavily in our business. A continuous business growth requires good faith that our customers believe in.
  • We put our customers above anything else, after sales is more important than closing sales. Customer Service is an important department.
  • We invest heavily into personnel and team building as spirit de’ corps, the spirit of team work is important.

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