Sales Support & Customer Care

Pre-Sales Support

We understand there is always things that you want to be clear about before making a purchase. We dedicate 3 Account Managers for you to choose from upon your request for Pre-Sales Support. You may select the one you prefer the most and he/she will help you go through all your purchase decision process. Not to mention this service is free. All we hope for is a feedback on the service they provided.

After Sales Service (On-Site Support)

We provide warranty to all our products. Other than that we come with an “on-site support” service. Meaning when you faces problem on your product and need our technical support on your site. We will have our specialist travel down to meet you, we will only charge you on the travel and accommodation expenses. Other than that we will help you liaise with manufacturer if there is any other problem.

Customer Care Request

As a customer, it is sometimes hard to make the decision when to make a repurchase or where to send your product back into service. We solve this problem for you, by providing you this service call Customer Care Request in our VIP Room. Request a Customer Care from us anytime and anywhere. We will response to you as soon as possible and help you on all the matter. All you have to do is just sit tight and await our report and solution.


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