How do we get in touch with Skytech?

You may contact us through the Contact Us page or call us at +65 6702 6558. Alternatively you also may wish to contact us through our live chat channel below on the right bottom on main page.

Is there an English version for Skytech homepage?

Yes. It is www.skysg.com/LG-en/ or you may just click the “EN” button on the Menu Bar on top right corner.

Is there a Chinese version for Skytech Homepage?

Yes. It is www.skysg.com/LG-cn/ or you may just click the “CN’ button on the Menu Bar on top right corner.

How do we registered to be a member of Skytech?
How do I purchase from Skytech?

It depends on the product you are interested. For certain products you may purchase online through our E-Commerce. And some other products we will need to send a specialist to visit you for you to know more about the detail.

How do I download the files in the Download Channel?

Firstly all the files are exclusive for our exclusive members only. If you would like to download the files. Please made a purchase for it. Or become our member.

How do we become Skytech member?

There is few ways to it. Firstly is through making a purchase offline. You will be automatically sent an invitation with account and passwords. Second way is to apply online through our registration. Not all registration will go through, your application will be selected and approved through our pick and selection. But do Note that your account tiers will be different if you didn’t made any purchase.

What are the tiers of membership in Skytech?

There are total 4 tiers. Public, Registered User, Member and VIP.

What is the difference of all the tiers?

Each tiers have different privilege and requirement to join. This tier System will help Skytech to rebate our current customers. Different tiers will receive different rewards while at the same time game different access to different levels of information on our website.

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