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As a customer, after purchasing a products, it is always important to ask yourself when your product needs a re-service to improve its efficiency.

And it is always the hardest question for all, unless your products actually defects. When your product defects, service is needed. But it is always better to prevent your product spoil and not fix it when it is spoilt.

So Skytech Shares is here today, to provide additional service that none other had done it before. As our VIP you are able to request for Customer Care. We will send our Specialist down to you and scan through all the products. Products that need service before it wares out will be identify and bring back to our service centre. We will re-service your products accordingly. If products that is unable to re-service and is facing critical operation failures, we will make proposal that you made a new purchase.

With this you may not need to worry when to make a repurchase and when to service your existing products. Just leave it to us, your privilege as VIP.

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