Etna Smoke Generator

The Etna is a smoke generator designed for Fire-fighters and industrial use. It is a continuously working smoke generator that supplies a constant stream of quality smoke. Safety and Health issues played a big part in the design of this generator. A priority set for this generator was not the quantity but the quality of smoke.

A processor continuously monitors the smoke generation and adjusts it as needed. This means that the temperature within the core of the machine as well as the volume of smoke generated is monitored in various areas and continuously adjusted as needed. If the set values are exceeded, then the smoke production will instantly be stopped.

The principle of the heat exchanger was developed in association with TU Eindhoven. A lot of time was spent on this research. The heat exchanger is the heart of the generator and is the basis for good, healthy smoke. TU Delft wrote a report regarding the effects of smoke fluid and can be used as a reference for this product.

The most important functions and capabilities of the Etna are:
• Continuous working smoke generator with adjustable smoke density.
• It is possible to quickly start smoke production, for example to quickly fill a room. It is then possible to create continuous smoke production with no delays.
• Automatic programs to fill an area with smoke and maintain this smoke
• Manual programs with various timer functions for smoke and delay
• Pre-adjustable timer to allow start-up at a later time
• Possibility of wired and wireless remote control
• Possibility of control via DMX
• Smoke Liquid level on display
• Adjustable to 2000 Watt or 1000 Watt
• Menu in 5 languages: Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish

Additional Information

52.5x 33x 26 cm
European cable,3x1mm2, length 5 m
Order Number
230 V / 50cps
Power consumption
max. 2000W


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