The NAUTILUS pumps are ideally suited to flat suction and following pumping out at full power, a minimal water volume remains

The flat suction is fully integrated into the pump, which makes the removal of the suction grill or the mounting of an additional device unnecessary

  • Certified according to DIN 14425 type 4/1 and the "Submersible Pumps" standards of the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association (ÖBFV)
  • 20% more power than the minimum requirement indicated in the standard for 1 bar
  • Conveys dirty water up to a grain size of 8 mm
  • Suctions water up to a water level of approx. 4 mm. Doing so requires neither the removal of the suction screen, nor an additional device mounted on the pump.
  • Slim design for space-saving mount in the vehicle
  • Suitable for use in tight shafts and wells
  • Low weight of only 21 kg
  • High starting torque with low power consumption thanks to double capacitor control. Operation is possible using a generator with min. 3 kVA.


The NAUTILUS 4/1 is also available as a practical submersible pump set, consisting of:

  • NAUTILUS 4/1 with Storz B coupling
  • ABC coupling spanner
  • Fire hose B, 20 m
  • Outlet pipe B
  • Hose kink protector
  • Rope hose holder
  • Working rope with carabiner, 20 m
  • B-elbow 90°
  • Wire netting basket, 615 x 415 x 405 mm


Additional Information

Power rating
230 V / 1 Phase
Power consumption
2.07 kVA, cos phi 0.95
Power output
1.49 kW
Order Number
Nominal current
Connecting cable
H07RN-F 3G1.5
20 m, with water resistant plug (IP68)
Particle screen (Ø)
8 mm
Temperature pumped medium
35° C, up to max. 60° C for short periods
250 x 456 mm
Weight (incl. cable)
Discharge connection
G 2 ½" (Storz B DIN 14308)


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