The new FANERGY: more than just a fan

Rosenbauer has redeveloped the mobile high-performance fans of the FANERGY series from the ground up. This resulted in multi-functional devices that can do much more than "just" ventilate. Protect buildings or objects with water mist, suppress dangerous gases, and even discharge foam. The new FANERGY offers many possibilities – also when extinguishing fires.

FANERGY: more than just a fan
Thick smoke, poor visibility, and high temperatures: often, there are difficult conditions that SCBA crews have to master when first attacking a fire in a burning building. The FANERGY high-performance fan can provide enormous relief in precisely these types of operations. Set up in front of the access door and turned on, it brings enormous benefits for first responders. The quick removal of smoke enables easy and rapid access and much better visibility. The temperature in a burning building can be reduced as well as the risk of a flashover of flue gases. Additionally, potentially injured or missing persons can be found quicker and supplied with oxygen. In short: risk for the emergency crews can be significantly reduced by the use of a FANERGY high-performance fan, and the chances of rescue for people in smoke-filled buildings increases substantially.
Complete redevelopment with many refinements

During the development of the completely new FANERGY series, it was important to design powerful and multi-functional devices, but they still had to be compact and user-friendly. The result is a device that, when folded, is the smallest device in this class. It also sets new benchmarks in functionality. The fan is ready for operation by simply unfolding the cushioned handle. Continuously adjustable nozzle with optimized flow pattern

Maximum inclination angle -20 to +20 degrees

The nozzle can be continuously adjusted from -20 to +20 degrees at the press of a button. When unfolding, it is automatically lifted out slightly. This ensures a very good flow and supply of air. It also ensures that the air flow loses no power due to obstacles on the ground (steps, for instance). An optimized flow pattern is achieved by the special construction of the nozzle with fan impeller, fan control unit, and the special aerodynamically shaped grille. This delivers more pressure, more power, and more volume into a building in a targeted way. Fog and foam with the fan

Two further characteristics of the FANERGY fan are interesting: water mist as well as expansion foam can be produced. The mobile high-performance fan is equipped with a central water spray unit. The fan can be supplied with water via a C-connection coupling and thus spray mist. This allows compartments, gas cylinders etc. to be cooled and protected. An effective suppression of dangerous flue gases is also possible using the water mist. The fan can even produce expansion foam with the assistance of a foam net. The net is stored in a small compartment directly on the chassis of the fan and can always be carried along in this way. It is simply pulled over the nozzle and fixed with a handle. Expansion foam can be produced by using a simple proportioner. This can be introduced, e.g., via an air tube in a staircase or via a light shaft in a cellar room. The LED illumination of the FANERGY is also practical. This means that even in the dark it is very easy to operate the device.
Available with electric motor or combustion engine
The mobile FANERGY high-performance fan is available in two sizes: with a 16 or a 22 inch nozzle. You can also choose the drive type: an electric motor or a combustion engine from Honda and Briggs-Stratton. While the combustion engine delivers a bit more power, the electric motor scores with other advantages. It is quieter and produces no exhaust gases. Thus making possible operations inside buildings. It can also be operated in any position – even lying on its side. The power is continuously controllable from 0 to 100 %. The completely redeveloped FANERGY high-performance fan brings enormous relief in operations. The simple operation, many usage possibilities, compact size, and sophisticated design are impressive. Of course, you can also ventilate buildings with them after the fire. But this takes advantage of only a small part of the enormous potential of FANERGY.


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